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What to expect from interiors in the next season

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Staying in is the new going out – so whats around in furnishings?

Everything designed for our homes is influenced by a wider trend. Whilst trends change and evolve some are popular for years rather than nearly a season – ie nordic. You don’t have to redecorate your whole home. The following is an update on what I have seen happening in home decor since the spring.


Suit all types of homes, whether opulent or more down to earth. On wallpaper is a major trend – lush, natural and warm.


The feeling of wellbeing. Not a trend but finding what elements of design genuinely inspire and relax you.


Originally your traditional sofa was focused around the tv in your living room – this is a no no!


Textiles take over from industrial, indestructible materials. Fabrics that show signs of life are wool, cotton, leather. All of these are healthy, breathable and age beautifully.


In your bedroom, pick some oversized bedside tables for extra storage.


I have been seeing a lot less of gallery art walls, as they add a sense of clutter. They have been replaced with large scale wall art, hung or otherwise, making a single design the focus statement of the wall.


The addition of colour into your bedroom, with your hotel luxe white bedding and neutral walls.


White walls have dominated the design world, but the time has finally come to be bold!


Geometric shapes are not a new trend but they are expected to make a dramatic presence in 2020. Paired with bold colours and oversized patterns will transform any room.


A trend that was once viewed as old and shabby, is now viewed as luxurious and chic, making a great comeback.


Bring the outside indoors by choosing natural organic materials such as wood or stone, strategically places plants and lots of daylight! We are a technology driven world but still nostalgic about handmade and comfort, looking to reconnect with nature.


A metal capable of bringing a little warmth into your home.


Design from a bygone era, 70s colour palette, 50s signature furniture style and Art Deco shapes.


The iconic german trend, with clean and simple lines philosophy which this year celebrates 100 years.


The addition of long lasting items into your home.

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