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January-a time to reflect…..

January is the month to breathe,pause and think. A time to re think your home space. To stop fretting about trends and start focusing on what suits you and makes you feel good. The choice is all yours…..

Multi Bronze Abstract

Update your existing decor -you don’t have to redecorate your whole home to be on trend with the latest styles. Support and evolve existing looks.

Economical approach- invest in pieces that can be used in multiple spaces over their lifetime, rather than passed on or dumped.

Flexible living- make your furniture work harder for you such as storage inside a foot stool or ottoman.

Let a room develop, dont buy everything on the same day or from the same shop.


Blend contemporary and vintage design. This adds an intersting twist into your room aswell as being a sustainable choice.

Home is your masterpiece, so express your individuality with little less ordinary home accessories that will add a unique touch.

Mix and match furniture to suit our lives and homes today. Play with shapes,sizes and materials such as your dining chairs.

Unclutter your living space to allow you to showcase furniture and works of art.

Make neutral more interesting with a quiet pattern on wall paper or texture on a wood side table.

Mix up cultural styles-adding an indian influence into an english country house works perfectly well.

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