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Inspired colour palettes

2020 A new appreciation of colour

The Dulux 2020 colour palette has been inspired by Cultural trends. Colour can be added to walls to rejuvenate, inspire and soothe you in today's hyperconnected world.

As we become more mindful about our impact on the world, our idea of luxury has shifted. The colour palette – Grounded represents a greater appreciation for longevity, authenticity and understated beauty. Brighter white is swapped with a softer neutral feel,warm corals and added touches of luxe through metallic accessories.

Cultivate is a celebration of nature with natural greens, grey-blue and plum hues.Styled with indoor plants the layers of green help to bring the outside in creating a relaxing home space.

Romanticism and nostalgia are strong themes of Indulge, a palette that responds to the current desire to unwind, dream and travel. Designed around faded terracotta, rich burgundy, eggplant and earthy browns with inspiration from the Art Deco era and the 70s. This dramatic palette is complimented with velvet and chenille furnishings.

Colour has the power to shape how we think and feel- be inspired and create a stylish home with paint whether applied directly to your walls or as a piece of artwork.



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