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Our lives have been disrupted once again. During this 2nd lockdown, SOURCED is looking for new products. You have loved our artwork and statement chairs - thank you! We will take this opportunity to add to our range and source…

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Inspired colour palettes

As we become more mindful about our impact on the world, our idea of luxury has shifted. The colour palette - Grounded represents a greater appreciation for longevity, authenticity and understated beauty. Brighter white is swapped with a softer neutral…

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SB1AT063A Morning Reflections

2020 Our new appreciation of colour

More than ever your home is a sanctuary from the demands of the outside world. Our desire to pause...and reconnect with what matters to us is strong. A connection to the environment-aswell as a rapidly growing concern for it is…

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January-a time to reflect…..

January is the month to breathe,pause and think. A time to re think your home space. To stop fretting about trends and start focusing on what suits you and makes you feel good. The choice is all yours.....

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Circle Table Lamp In Silver Finish

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn!

The leaves are dropping and the clocks are about to change - its goodbye to Summer and Hello to Autumn. Just like fashion, interiors take on a new lease of life at this time of year. The emphasis of this…

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Multi Green Swirl

Home interiors tips for AW 2019

The new Autumn trends for home interiors are all about colour! Browsing around in one of my interior-hinting trips, I have come across some exciting new autumn trends for home interiors. And believe me, it's going to be colourful! Here…

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