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2019 colour trends and tips for your interiors

2019 will be the year of change …and I don’t just mean Brexit !

There is plenty happening in the Interior world to inspire and tempt you. Here are a few of my tips to help you create that stylish home.

Living Coral is Pantone’s colour of the year 2019 – too pinky for you? Then look for orangey tones such as pumpkin, clementine and tangerine.

velvet footstool

Be bold with BLUES , an accent chair or one wall painted – ink, indigo, petrol will look amazing! GREEN is marching forward for Autumn – olive, forest, mallard.I still love YELLOW, it’s so versatile, see upholstery fabrics in citrine, dijon and curry.

PINK has become the new neutral with grey hues such as plaster or chalk.

 Talking about neutral, they are still very important, with great names like mouse, mud, dead salmon and what about GREY? I saw this line the other day: 

‘Always grey but never dull’

So right, especially with great colours like cygnet, elephant, and pigeon around!

Scandinavian design continues its simplicity and functionality with neutral colour scheme and natural textures. Vibrant colours and geometric patterns are around for those wanting a pop.

Luxe living has metallic accents of matt gold, rose gold, added to this eye-catching Glam theme.

Bring the Summer into your room with tropical elements – flamingo, toucan, pineapple on accessories and tableware. Its really a jungle out there! With monkeys and parrots on cushions and  lighting  and go wild with leopard on upholstery

Look out for elements of kitsch - seen with fringing on velvet table lamps.

The interior trend of world traveller has moved on from busy patterns and intense colours. Furnishings still have the handcrafted look with embellishment and texture but with a softer palette in  earthy tones. Add a little luxe twist using velvet on  leather upholstery and complete the look with turtle, monkey and Llama accessories.

Statement furniture is a must. With the return of the sideboard in various woods -acacia, mango as well as painted black wood. Wine cabinets and drink trolleys add a bit of retro to your room and fun! too

Occasional seating is now not just the accent chair but also Love chairs, floor cushions and pouffe. Also look at benches, not just in wood, but upholstered to use as a seat, a table or a footstool. Super versatile!

Make your walls interesting, diverse and unique with statement wallpaper or art.

Create a focal point with one wall shown with a 3D look or bold floral wallpaper – I can see it now highlighted with an accent chair and great lighting – WOW. 

Art is big, and I mean BIG in size! Bring some drama into your room with sculptured metal or an XL canvas, many with texture added for an original effect. Mirrors are so important for that illusion of space and look out for the Art Deco vibe.

Bringing the garden indoors continues with succulents, cacti and tropical leaves and now hanging plants using macrame or basket weave for that natural look.

Look out for sustainability products in your home. There is an old school craft resurgence for handmade – so lovely to see in this machine made world!

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